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Thanks to LVMPD Officers Ava Kalea Gets a Badge - and Her First Slurpee

Yesterday while going back to our car in a parking lot here in Enterprise, Ava Kalea and I noticed that a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police vehicle had parked next to us.  The officers were just getting out of their vehicle and we exchanged greetings.  When they saw 4 year old Ava Kalea, one of the officers asked her if she wanted a sticker.  Almost all kids love stickers.  Especially stickers that are Jr. Police Officer Badges.

He went to get her a sticker, but could not quite get to it before the female officer quickly pulled one out of her shirt pocket and gave it to Ava - who was very happy with it.  The first officer went back to the vehicle and came back with a couple of coupons for free slurpees at 7 Eleven, which made Ava Kalea even happier.

Ava Kalea hasn't had the opportunity to interact with police officers in the past, but yesterday they were very kind to her and I know that she now has a good impression of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police 
Department - and cops in general.

I feel bad that I didn't have my phone with me to take a photo of Ava Kalea with the officers - and didn't even bother to ask them their names.  Their kindness alone showed that they are true heroes - THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to be so nice!

Go #LVMPD #ThankYou #BackTheBlue #Grateful

BTW - Ava Kalea did enjoy the first slurpee of her life yesterday and I'm positive it won't be her last.  Thank you to 7 Elevens for the partnerships with law enforcement agencies across the country - a great way to help with community engagement - and create new slurpee drinkers ...

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