May 3rd is National Lumpy Rug Day


Yahoo!  Today, May 3rd is National Lumpy Rug Day!

We all get to celebrate and pay tribute to the old lumpy rugs that have brought us so much comfort - and the newer, not-so lumpy rugs that may have taken their place.  

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A few ways that you could celebrate National Lumpy Rug Day:

  • Take your lumpy rug outside and shake the dust out of it.
  • Wash your lumpy rug in the clothes washer.  You might want to let it dry flat outside in the sun, flipping it over occasionally as it dries.
  • Heaven forbid - but maybe it is time for your lumpy rug to be recycled, donated or thrown away.

One way NOT to celebrate National Lumpy Rug Day - do not be tempted to sweep your problems or challenges of the day "under the rug".   Challenges typically do not go away when ignored - but at the same time, do not make them bigger than they are.

Thanks to National Day Calendar!

BTW - if you do not feel like you want to celebrate your lumpy rugs, other holidays today include:  National Garden Meditation Day, National Specially-Able Pets Day, National Two Different Colored Shoes Day, National Paranormal Day, National Chocolate Custard Day, National Raspberry Pop Over Day, National Textiles Day, National Montana Day, and Melanoma Monday.

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