May 1st is National Silver Star Service Banner Day!


Every May 1st, Americans gratefully honor the sacrifices of the combat wounded, ill and dying service members on Silver Star Service Banner Day. Silver Star Banner Day also recognizes service members awarded the Silver Star Medal.

Across all branches of The United States military, the Silver Star Service Banner and Flag honors Silver Star families for their services and gallantry. On May 1st, this great holiday encourages us to honor military heroes and their families across the country.

One out of ten people who serve in the U.S. military suffer a severe injury. Most of those injuries are combat-related, leaving our veterans to contend with those injuries for the rest of their lives. These combat injuries serve as a constant reminder of sacrifices during war or conflict. All Americans need to honor and value our great American military veterans.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SilverStarServiceBannerDay

  1. Local veteran organizations and military bases host events honoring Silver Star personnel and families.
  2. Volunteer for an event or organization.
  3. Show gratitude and thank those who have returned from deployment, wounded or ill.

You can also get involved with helping SSFOA members with fundraising and community awareness events in your area.

Share your stories or experiences using #SilverStarService.


The Blue and Gold Service Banners made their debuts in 1918 during World War II. Over time, the United States formally adopted and made official the Blue and Gold Star Service Banners. However, the country overlooked Silver Star Service Banner. Once identified, representatives quickly designed and accepted The Silver Star Service Flag and Banner. The United States House of Representatives passed H Res. 855, a stand-alone resolution on April 21, 2010, making the SSFOA Silver Star Service Banner official and making May 1st Silver Star Service Banner Day.

Since 1818, the military awarded the Citation Star for “Gallantry in Action.” The Silver Star Medal replaced the Citation Star and first officially awarded it in 1942. Military personnel receive the Silver Star Medal for specific actions in combat. The military has awarded between 100,000 and 150,000 Silver Star Medals.

Thank you to our great military and especially Silver Star recipients and their families!

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