Friday April 30, 2021 National Honesty Day


Yes - it's true!  The holiday that neither the media nor our politicians want to abide by is here - National Honesty Day!

According to the National Day Calendar:

This observance encourages truthfulness. Whether we’re conducting business or speaking with our children, honesty goes a long way toward instilling confidence. We all make mistakes. Sometimes, we don’t know the answer or can’t control the outcome of a situation. However, we can control our own actions and words. And we can speak the truth in all we do.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHonestyDay

Celebrate the day by answering questions truthfully all day long.

Use #NationalHonestyDay to share on social media.

Hey Doctor Flip Flop Falsie - How about some honesty from you today?  #UnmaskOurKids

BTW - April 30th is also Stacia's birthday!  Happy Birthday to the Queen of Social Media

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