Enterprise Rated with a Livability Score of 73 - An Excellent Place to Live, Work and Play


Our great town of Enterprise has been given a Livability Score of 73 (out of 100), which makes Enterprise an "Excellent" place to live, work and play.

The Area Vibes website does their ratings based on cost of living, crime rates, real estate prices, rental prices, employment, schools and amenities.  Enterprise scores particularly well with an A+ in amenities and a B in the ever-important schools category.

Key findings include:

    • Enterprise has a Livability Score of 73/100, which is considered excellent
    • Enterprise crime rates are 8% lower than the Nevada average
    • Cost of living in Enterprise is 5% higher than the Nevada average
    • Enterprise real estate prices are 24% higher than the Nevada average
    • Rental prices in Enterprise are 34% higher than the Nevada average

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